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Prospect is the society's annual publication containing historical articles and memorabilia.

Copies can be obtained from the society.


Vol 1, 2002

 Keith Fuller                 The Auckland Grammar School War Memorial

 Jill Richards                 Glimpses of a Mt Eden Doctor: Dr J.F.G. Richards

 Jim Millar                    Early days of Presbyterianism in Epsom 

Keith Fuller                  The place of Riukiuta-Te Tatua (Three Kings) 

G. Bush                       World War II – through children’s eyes

I. Crabtree

J. Grant 

John Stacpoole               Stone Houses: an address to the Epsom & Eden District Historical Society, 2001 

 Jeanette Grant              Pre-supermarket shopping 

Muriel Williams                Dogs - an anecdote from the 1920s 

Helen Laurenson             Were we amused? Some reflections on the theatre in Auckland in 1883 


VOL 2, 2003

Graham Bush                 The Epsom History Project - a progress report

Valerie Ayers                 The Epsom windmill 

Ron Carter                     TROLLEYS 

Frances Rountree

Jeanette Grant 

Mary Dobbie                   ‘Moorend' and its legendary hospitality 

Muriel Williams                 Epsom Methodist Sunday School 

Jill Richards                     Dr Dorothy Richards 

Jeanette Grant                Out of sight, out of mind – ‘the bunker' 

John Stacpoole                 A comment on the `Kelly House' 

Ann Baxter                       Round and round the mountain -1968-2002 

Keith Fuller                      The mauri stone - Te Toka tu Whenua 

Jeanette Grant                 Francis Sinclair of ‘The Pines 1834-1916 notes taken from 

                                       Hugh Laracy's talk to the Society     

Owen Kendall                     St Barnabas history  

VOL 3, 2004

Christine Black                    Bews’ School : Mt Eden Collegiate School 1895-1914 

Jeanette Grant                   Dr Bruce Golden 

C.E. Keith Fuller                  The Cornwall Park Olives: their failure -- a hypothesis 

Muriel Williams                    The Queen's Birthday 

Valerie Sherwood                 The Royal Oak Hotel 

Mary Dobbie                        Herbert Boucher Dobbie - ferns man 

Jeanette Grant                     Lava Caves: fact or fancy? 

Bryan Boon                          Early Golf in Auckland and Epsom  

Ann Baxter                           Robert Rees Remembers  

R. Graeme Gummer               The Crossroads 

Mavis Fenelon                       Memorials and Memories 

CE Keith Fuller                       A road by any other name: the riddle of St Andrews Road


VOL 4, 2005

Jack Baker                            From the Pacific to the Tasman - The only coast to coast tramway in the world 

 Edna Griffith                         Horse-drawn buses 

Muriel Williams                       The day of the go-slow strike 

Jeanette Grant                       My tram trivia 

Jack Baker                             Fond memories of the Regent, Epsom, in the 30s and 40s 

Jeanette Grant                       Ruth Coyle of the Rutland Group  

Joyce Roberts &                     The RSR railway in Kimberley Road

Jeanette Grant 

Jeanette Grant                       Household medicine 

Ella Greenwood                       Greenwoods Corner and the southern part of Epsom 

 Helen Laurenson                     The Crystal Palace, Mt Eden – ‘The Theatre Luxurious' 

Bryan Boon                             Partying in the early 1930s 

VOL 5, 2006 

Mavis Fenelon                         Matareka 

Jim Millar                               Janet and Greenwoods Corner 

Gail Griffin                              The part that Eden and Epsom have played in my life 

Jeanette Grant                        The library that never was 

Muriel Williams                         Royal Oak School and the essay competition 

Linda Cocks                            The origin of the St Andrews font

&Jeanette Grant  

Harold Stone                           The buried guns of New Zealand 

Jeanette Grant                         Cooking, from the range to the microwave 

David Armishaw                        Auckland Teachers' College - reminiscences of the 1960s 

Norma Bush                             Interview with Mr Stacey Cox 

Helen Laurenson                       Hearts and soles 

Jeanette Grant                         A victim of its own success


VOL 6, 2007 

John Stacpoole                         Construction of Old Government House 

Norma Bush                             The Stirling Garden Centre 

Bryan Boon                               Places in Mt Eden registered with the Historic Places Trust 

Graham Bush                            Piers Nicholson and the England Epsom 

Jeanette Grant                          Eden Enterprises 

Eric Laurenson                          Wheels over Kakariki 

Valerie Sherwood                       How the fight for the Epsom Community House was won 

Eric Laurenson                           Kerbstones 

John Stacpoole                           Old social life, Old Government House 

Basil Hutchinson                          Well-drilling in Epsom


Vol 7, 2008 

Jack Baker                                  Auckland's Everton 

Bryan Boon                                 Places in Epsom registered with the Historic Places Trust (Part II) 

Ian Thwaites                               Ruth Mary Coyle 

Helen Laurenson                          That takes the biscuit 

Christine Black                             Epsom Girls' Grammar School:  1917 – 2008 

 Jeanette Grant                            Decline and fall of the Eden-Roskill RSA 

C. E. Keith Fuller                           The Quarrymen of Three Kings, Auckland 

Hugh Laracy                                 Dominion Day: was it ‘merely cosmetic'? 

Valerie Sherwood                           Citizen and scientist: Algernon Withiel Thomas 


VOL 8, 2009

Bryan Boone                                 The Californian Bungalow 

Joan Butler, Eric Laurenson              Right to the Door

& Jeanette Grant 

Norma Bush                                  The Real Mackie 

Graham Bush                                 The Epsom Well 

Graham Bush                                 A Tribute to Professor David Cole 

 Jim Millar                                      Wairoa and Epsom 

Olive Clarke                                   Teacher Training in the 1920S 

Veronica Friedlander                        London to Auckland in 1955 

C. E. Keith Fuller                             God Defend New Zealand 

Jeanette Grant                                Eden Edifices 

John Grant                                      My Auckland in 1955 

Basil Hutchinson                               Dr Torrance's Street 

 Eric Laurenson                                Preservation and Progress 

Don McArthur                                   Normal School changes during World War II 

John Stacpoole                                 Ian Beresford Madden 

Ian Thwaites                                    Hilda Wiseman, artist 


VOL 9, 2010 

Norma Bush                                     Once a trammie always a trammie 

Jeanette Grant                                 The Epsom Community Centre Inc 

Jack Baker                                       The Epsom Bowling Club's early years 

Margaret Barriball                              Charles and Ann Barriball and family 

C. E. Keith Fuller                                Three Kings Grove 

Olive Stubbs                                      Classroom chronicles 1928-1963 

 Bob Kinnear                                      Henry Woods of Mt Eden 

Betty Barnes                                     A local dairy 

Jack Baker                                        Dad's cars 

Jeanette Grant                                  Petrol rationing in New Zealand 

Bryan Boon                                       May to August 1945 

Joan Butler                                        Washday blues 

Val Sherwood                                     Welcomed by strangers: William Low 

Christine Black                                    My Epsom villa 

Jeanette Grant                                   Spending a penny


VOL 10, 2011 

Jack Baker                                          Eden Park's early years

 Cynthia Landels                                  My story, that of a bungalow 

Valerie Sherwood                                 Withiel Drive: Glimpses of the first 50 years 

Jeanette Grant                                    Thomas Aubrey Chappe Hall, 1873-1958 

Josephine Power                                  Josephine's phrases 

Bryan Boon                                         A gentleman's residence 

Jeanette Grant                                    Bert Bannister and the ‘Maori Motorbike 

Christine Black                                    Now you see it, now you don't! 

Helen Laurenson                                  Remember, remember the 5th of November 

Roger Bartley                                      My memories of the Sharpe Road area 

Jock Carnachan                                   Jottings: Shipherds Avenue history 

C. E. Keith Fuller                                  St Andrews Reserve 

Jack Baker                                          Three little streets 

Eric Laurenson                                     Hooves over Kakariki


VOL 11, 2012 

Leslie Truscott                                    My grandfather was the mayor (Recorded and transcribed by Norma Bush) 

Muriel Williams                                     Elizabeth (Bessie) Kendon (nee Blomfield) 

Jeanette Grant                                    Things we take for granted 

Gwen Stone                                        The Mt St John garage 

Basil Hutchinson                                   Meccano and Hornby Trains in Epsom 

Valerie Sherwood                                  Pawns of fortune: the Cleghorn family 

Josephine Power                                   Thomas Sheridan: prisoner of war 

Jeanette & Reay Grant                          The 1984 Queen Street riot        

Valerie Sherwood                                  Jean Batten living in Epsom 

Martin Thomas                                     A critical review of the evidence in regard to ‘New 

                                                         Zealand's  First Stone House', 753 Mt Eden Rd


                                                                 VOL 12, 2013

Paul Waite                                            A heritage betrayed

Jeanette Grant                                       Under threat

Valerie Sherwood                                    A Christmas holiday in Central Otago

Christine Black                                       First Mt Eden Collegiate School 1887-1892

Helen Laurenson                                     Two for tea: the Mt Eden tea kiosk

Jeanette Grant                                        Growing up with guns

Valerie Sherwood                                     Alfred Domett

Helen Laurenson                                      Early schools in Auckland

Jeanette Grant                                         Time Out

Cynthia Landels                                        A postscript to my story of a bungalow


                                                                       VOL 13, 2014

Graham Bush                                           Epsom Road Board members

Brian Davis                                              J. P. Moulin and the Stonyhurst subdivision

Peter Friedlander                                       Preserving Auckland's volcanic cone

Jeanette Grant                                          Two Mt Eden reserves

Mavis Fenelon                                            Epsom Memorial Arch—Anzac Service

Helen Laurenson                                        The trouper and her trooper

Valerie Sherwood                                        Amy Maria Hellaby

John Adrian Speer                                       Writing off a regiment

Hugh Laracy                                               Introducing Captain William Ross: an 'Epsom Salt'

Lisa Truttman                                             A misleading date: Alfred Cucksey and his Mt Eden store

Helen & Eric Laurenson                                 Mt Eden misinformation cast in bronze


Vol 14, 2015

John La Roche                                             Mount Eden's water supply

Jack Baker                                                  My roaring forties

Helen Laurenson                                          Two Epsom names on a Mount Eden honours board

Jeanette Grant                                             Mount Eden School 1877

Graham Bush                                               Burnnand's Band at the 'Epsom Trots'

Valerie Sherwood                                          Dr Constance Helen Frost

Jeanette Grant                                             The Udy family of Mount Eden

Geoff Fisher                                                 Memories growing up in Epsom and Newmarket

Cynthia Landels                                             The changing face of St Andrews Road

Jeanette Grant                                               War memorials in the Eden and Epsom areas


                                                                  Vol 15, 2016

Brian Davis                                                    John Davis: builder, contractor, councillor

Jeanette Grant                                                Auckland's first supermarket

Greg Smith                                                    A tribute to Mrs George

Helen Laurenson                                             Super salesman Roy McCall

Elaine Bartley                                                 The Doctors Walton

John Richards                                                  A few memories of the past

Jeanette Grant                                                 MENPS memorial gates update

Anne Sanders                                                  The Manor Private Hospital

Helen Stowell                                                  Mount Eden Mayoress' Welfare Committee

Val Sherwood                                                   Nurse Effie Warbrick of Edenholme Hospital

Natalie Taplin                                                   Epsom reflections 1946-2014                                     

Jennifer Wilkins                                                The early history of Bramwell Place


V0L 16, 2017 

Harold Stone                                               Epsom memories [2002]

Graham Bush                                              Tenth anniversary of The History of Epsom

Grant & O. Clarke                                       Buying a house in wartime

Cynthia Landels                                          Annie Mona Burgin, a vicar’s daughter

Jeanette Grant                                            Quarries—now you see them, now you don’t

Val Sherwood                                              The origins of the New Zealand Police

Mavis Fénelon                                             The creation of our NZ heritage and our NZ identity

Val Sherwood                                               Dr Robert Vaux Zinzan

Vol 17, 2018


Margaret Barriball                                        An early 20th century immigrant to NZ 

David Pittman                                                Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Mount Eden Gaol 

Dr Vincent Chan                                             Whose house is it anyway? 

Jeanette Grant                                               The Maungawhau School Fair 

Val Sherwood                                                 Thomas Bracken 

Doris Layland                                                 Reminiscences of my early days 

Jeanette Grant                                               The Rev Dr Arthur Guyon Purchas 

Colin Percy                                                      Memories of an old macrocarpa 

Val Sherwood                                                 Flickers from the past: the story of Iohn Edward Batten, our first film star     


Vol 19, 2019


                Auckland Grammar School through seven decades

Bryan Boon, Iohn Puttick, Miles Dillon, Chris Taplin, Reay Grant,Mike Grant & James McArthur 

Helen Laurenson                                         Shadows of past endeavours: Margaret White 

Jeanette Grant                                              The domestic day 

Cynthia Landels                                             Wash Day, way back then 

Graeme MacCormack                                  Memories of ‘Woodend’ 

Natalie Taplin                                                How my forebears came to New Zealand 

Jeanette Grant                                               Sheep in the city 

Valerie Sherwood                                          Two remarkable women: Sister Duffus &... 

Helen Laurenson                                            Dame Dorothy Winstone 

Martin Thomas                                               Coldicutt connections 

Eric & Helen                                                     tale of two houses: the mansions of Princes St


Roger Morgan                                                 Able Seaman Robert Alfred Caney 

Helen Laurenson                                             Globe trotting 

Jeanette Grant                                                 Modern medicine — 1944 style